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As an executive coach and leadership development facilitatormy mission is to help successful leaders achieve positive change in behaviour: for themselves, their people and their teams. I believe that leadership is an inherent characteristic to be developed rather than a generic set of skills to be learned. And I believe it’s time to approach organizational success from the inside out.

Recognising the complex and growing demands on today’s leaders, I began looking for a way to enable leaders to think in new and different ways about their leadership and how they could strengthen and adapt themselves and their organizations to succeed in today’s challenging times.

Questions leaders face in a Changing World

Globalisation & Social Responsibility

Everything is connected – our markets, our money, our people and our communities. How do we survive as one global planet and society?

Competition & Meaning

Global competition is fiercer than ever. How can we balance the need to provide meaning and a passion to win in those we lead and in ourselves?

Connectedness & Transparency

Our world is more connected. How do we deal with the pressures of transparency while remaining authentic?

Speed & Resilience

The pace is amazing. How do we keep up while maintaining the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity?

Impermanence & Confidence

We live in a world that is constantly changing and stability is a delusion. How do we stay confident in all that unpredictability?

Complexity & Clarity

Doing business is more complex than ever. How do we focus, clarify and prioritise our work and lead effectively?

Six Dimensions of Healthy Leaders

 Healthy Leaders

The six dimensions of healthy leaders provides a snapshot of areas to help leaders review their health and focus as a leader.

The Grounded Leader

The Grounded Leader Model from Healthy Companies International provides a holistic framework that captures a simple but profound truth—that Who You Are Drives What You Do! Even more fundamental than skills and competencies, your unique humanity determines your true leadership capability. The roots of your deeply held beliefs and assumptions are what determine your ability to maintain your perspective, make sound judgments and execute effectively in even the most challenging circumstances.

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Acknowledgement – The Grounded Leader material was derived from Healthy Companies International.