What is Stakeholder Centred Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a behavioural coaching methodology founded by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s leading authorities on business leadership. Kerry Little, the Principal Executive Coach at Gwyder, is an Associate Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a network of top-level executive coaches using technologies founded by Dr. Goldsmith.

Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coaching came out of a few key distinctions that Dr. Goldsmith identified in successful leaders. At the heart of his revolutionary coaching approach is the observation and recognition that the same beliefs that lead to a person’s success – can often make it very difficult for them to change their behaviour – and furthermore, as difficult as it is to change ones behaviour, it can be even more difficult to change others’ perception of your behaviour, once their perceptions are set.

This a critical insight for business leaders charged with uniting, empowering and developing effective teams, because one of the keys to productivity in business units is the correlation between the effectiveness of a leader in engaging with their direct reports, for the purpose of facilitating the execution of tasks critical to the business units desired outcomes.

For a novice to better understand this phenomena, it is useful to think of the performance of sporting teams. Why can a football team, made up of exactly the same players, performs so differently in a relatively short period of time, simply because of the replacement of its coach? Strategy is one obvious and relevant answer, but another is the importance of morale to team performance. Positive, united teams seem to perform better than teams with morale issues, and the positive energy that exists in united teams often brings about the creativity required to generate new and more effective strategies.

The Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coaching Framework recognises the important role that morale and positive communication plays in helping teams perform at their peak, and it works on all aspects of a team performance, by working with its leader in collaboration with everyone who works directly with a leader, be that up or down in a business hierarchy, and these people are referred to as stakeholders. More than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies have experienced the benefits of Stakeholder-Centered Coaching for themselves and their teams.

To gauge the power and possible application of this style of coaching on your personal leadership journey, or if you are an entrepreneur looking to make improvements in the effectiveness on your businesses, we recommend downloading our free report, “The Secrets of Effective Leadership”. This report has a series of simple behavioural coaching exercises in it, that when executed, can reveal underlying morale issues that may be able to be simply tackled, for significant productivity gain. These exercises are quite simple to execute, and the possible gains from the insights achieved through them are quite sizeable.

You can download our report here, there is one designed for emerging leaders looking for ways to enhance their career, and another for executives or business owners leading teams. Anyone who downloads the report and follows the exercises qualifies for free consultation with our Principal Executive Coach Kerry Little, who will help you debrief on any insights you uncover. In the meeting Kerry will use his best endeavours to answer all your questions and enable you to see opportunities for productivity improvements as a result of the data and the insights you uncover.

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