Are You an Executive or entrepreneur leading a team Or an emerging leader looking to get even better results in your business or career?

If you are & you’re reading this, then the chances are you’re already smart enough to realise that…what’s made you successful till now, probably isn’t going to get you the success you’re really after.

And that’s a sobering thought if success is important to you. Here’s why.

In business, promotions are offered to high achievers who prove themselves by delivering on their role requirements, it’s the natural progression for high achievers, to be promoted into leadership positions.

But in leadership roles, real success isn’t measured by an individual being a high achiever”. It hinges on them being able to lead and inspire others, in roles critical to the departments they manage.

And that requires additional and completely different skills to the one’s that got most “high achievers” noticed in the first place!

And that’s because…

Before you’re a leader, being a high achiever is all about developing you and after you’re a leader, your success is all about developing others, specifically everyone working under you.

This is a critical distinction for Entrepreneurs and senior executives, because…

Its great leaders, developing great leaders, that drives the success of great organisations.

So in a very real sense, the success of your enterprise depends on your ability to first of all, lead effectively yourself, and secondly, retain your best performing staff, and turn them into great leaders.

So how do you help transition your “High Achievers” into a great leaders?

Especially when they operate under pressure, in complex environments, in busy work places, and when some of the deeply ingrained behaviours that made them successful in the first place, may now be the very things holding them back as leaders?

Enlightened companies and entrepreneurs recognise this challenge, and because they know their success depends on retaining and developing their best people, look for ways to help transition & equip them as emerging leaders with tools and coaching that will empower them to succeed in leadership roles.

And that’s where Gwyder can help

After a decade of working with Executives, Developing Leaders, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs; in a myriad of different environments, Gwyder has learned that above all else, coaching and leadership development needs to be practical.

And by practical, we mean tailored to meet the specific challenges your managers face in their work place, As well as being custom created to fill specific gaps in key areas required for their success in their given role.

Here’s How Gwyder’s Training and Coaching works

Before we do any coaching, we use some of the world’s best psychometric tools to inquire deeply into the natural aptitudes of people, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each and every individual.

Any gaps or blind spots holding them back are identified and their strengths recognised, so they can be strategically used to best effect in the way they approach their job.

Then we apply a unique and truly Extraordinary Leadership Methodology

This proven coaching methodology combines some of the most powerful leadership practices and tools available in the world, Developed by Marshal Goldsmith, a man who has consistently been acknowledged as one of the most influential business and leadership thinkers of our time. His Stakeholder Centred Leadership Development Framework, places a big emphasis on developing the skills to motivate, inspire and energise others.

That means our coaching programs apply some of the most powerful management concepts available today, to your leadership style and organisation.

In fact, the stakeholder centred leadership methodology we use is so transformational, it often triggers productivity improvements in entire departments, simply by working with their leader.


Maintaining the massive emphasis our programs have on being practical, 90% of the training and learning we do is delivered on the job, which means we don’t take important people away from their day-to-day role, so they remain productive, while they learn how to be even more productive.

At Gwyder, we exist to support leaders developing themselves and their leadership team, and we would love to contribute to your personal leadership journey in whatever way that serves you…

And often that starts with people downloading our whitepapers on Leadership Development.

At Gwyder, we exist to support leaders developing themselves and their leadership team, and we would love to contribute to your personal leadership journey in whatever way that serves you…

And often that starts with downloading our free reports on The Secrets of Leadership DevelopmentWe have two reports. One is designed for senior executives, team leaders or business owners, looking to improve the results they are getting from the teams, departments or businesses they manage. The other is specifically designed for aspiring or developing executives, and it teaches a reliable way to gain the attention of senior leaders in an organisation, for the purpose of having your leadership potential recognised. Both reports are practical and lead the reader on a coaching and training journey designed to produce results in their lives and on the job. You can download our reports below, or simply contact us to discuss your challenges and explore how our executive coaching programs may be of assistance. You’ll find both reports at our website www.executivecoaching.melbourne

We partner in the success of the organisations we work with, by helping them develop successful leaders, who deliver on their role outcome requirements.