Superior Team Performance Coaching

In the fast-paced, ever changing environment of modern organisational life, executives can find themselves required to operate in several work groups at the same time.

Executives may be part of a functional group, a business unit, a special project, a think-tank, a client account team, a leadership team, and many other work groups. At any time, changes can occur that not only alter the structure of these work groups, but significantly change the entire operational environment.


In this environment, most attention tends to be focused on each work group’s primary objectives, key performance indicators, time deadlines, reporting structure etc. In short, what each work group is meant to be doing. However, in our experience, far less attention is focused on how each work group will operate, and indeed, how it will move beyond a work group – a group of people working on the same thing, and become a truly synchronised team – a group of people working in an interdependent, complementary, and mutually beneficial way.

Much has been researched and written about superior team performance. Indeed, most executives at some stage of their careers will have participated in some form of team building or bonding. Yet, truly synchronised teams remain rare. We believe a new approach to team development is needed to ensure work groups are transformed and the benefits of superior team performance become a reality in the workplace. To meet this need Gwyder Consulting has developed a new process:

Superior Team Performance Coaching

This process utilises cutting-edge support and development techniques in the organisational environment. Delivered by successful, credible and experienced executives, who understand what it takes to lead in modern organisations successfully, having done so themselves, and who are able to build a strong rapport and empathy with your executives and your organisation. Superior Team Performance Coaching combines group coaching, one-on-one coaching, pre-reading and work-based assignment elements to expose management and executive teams to best practice, and contemporary team concepts in a simplified, pragmatic and practical manner. The emphasis being on helping teams to “get the rubber hitting the road” in terms of superior team performance as a group, and optimising the individual performance of team members. In summary, the superior team performance coaching process can be described as follows:

Target Audience

Management, leadership and executive teams.

Number of participants

A minimum of six (6) and a maximum of twelve (12) team members per program is recommended to maximise interaction and participation (but teams of smaller or larger size can be catered for if necessary).


A summary of the core modules comprising the program can be provided, however, every Superior Team Performance Coaching program is tailored to suit the needs of each team and its members. A detailed needs-analysis is conducted as part of every program.

Anyone interested in our program is invited to contact us, or download one of our free reports on The Secrets of Effective Leadership.

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