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In any competitive field, be it sport, commerce or something else, an organisations ability to successfully compete will almost always directly correlate with its technical and human resources capabilities, and its ability to get people working together effectively, to achieve desired organisational outcomes.

This means developing and recruiting great staff and equipping the best of them with the tools and training required to become capable leaders and managers, and that’s where Gwyder can help.

We help successful organisations retain, recruit and develop their best people, and after a decade of working with Executives, Developing Leaders, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs; in a myriad of different environments, we have learned that above all else, effective coaching and leadership development needs to be practical. And that means, to a large degree, learning needs to be done on the job, and be tailored to meet the specific challenges your managers face in their work place.

Here’s How Gwyder’s Training and Coaching works
Before we do any coaching, we use some of the world’s best psychometric tools, to inquire deeply into the natural aptitudes of people, to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Any gaps or blind spots holding them back are identified and their strengths recognised, so they can be strategically used to best effect, in the way they approach their job.

Then we apply a unique and truly Extraordinary Leadership Methodology that combines some of the most powerful leadership practices and tools available today. Developed by Marshal Goldsmith, a man who has consistently been acknowledged as one of the most influential business and leadership thinkers of our time, his Stakeholder Centred Leadership Development Framework places a huge emphasis on developing the skills to motivate, inspire and energise others.

That means our coaching programs apply some of the most powerful management concepts in the world, to your leadership style and organisation. In fact, the stakeholder centred leadership methodology we use is so transformational, it often triggers productivity improvements in entire departments, simply by working with their leader. And 90% of the training and learning we do is delivered on the job, which means we don’t take important people away from their day-to-day role, so they remain productive, while they learn how to be even more productive.

So if you’d like to create improvements in productivity by developing your best emerging talent as leaders, give Gwyder a call on 0419 475 089 or utilise our contact form. We would love to contribute to your organisations leadership capability in whatever way that serves you, and often that starts with people downloading our whitepapers on Leadership Development.

For executives, team leaders and entrepreneurs, “The Secrets to Effective Leadership – How to Develop Leadership that Improves Productivity, Morale & Profits”, and for emerging Leaders, “The Secrets of Effective Leadership – How to Unlock Your Leadership Potential and Advance your Career”. You can download both reports for free from on this website, the details are on our homepage.

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