360 Leadership

Leadership is easier “talked” than “walked”.

Leadership today is a real juggling match between “managing” (controlling the what) and “leadership” (creating the how).  Perfecting this balance and exhibiting appropriate leadership in a full 360° leadership sense (not only with direct reports, but also with peers and with senior colleagues) creates added complexity and challenge.  Add to this the need for energy, trust, and emotional intelligence, then no wonder the truth about leadership is easier “talked” than “walked”.

The most effective leaders, who seek an accelerated growth trajectory direct their energy and time equally in four distinct directions without ignoring any one. They focus up and out, horizontally, and down, consistently. Their efforts are directed at:

  • Influencing upwards and out to attain superior results with individuals over whom they have no direct control, yet whose decisions affect strongly the ongoing performance and development of the organisation (CEO, line manager, board of directors, key stakeholders, suppliers and the community): influencing
  • Influencing horizontally to attain superior results with their peers, with whom close interface leads to better decisions for the total organisation, rather than just one’s own particular functional silo: synergising
  • Influencing down to attain superior results with individuals for whom they are responsible, by managing, leading and coaching his direct reports forward: enabling

Additionally effective leaders put time and energy into themselves and building trusting relationships by:

  • Influencing self to attain superior results by optimising their motivational alignment with the organisation, and by applying the necessary principles and practices for this in dealings with others, to create a strongly motivational environment: energising
  • Building trust to attain superior results by giving direct reports and others the confidence to act to the full in their roles, such confidence created by executive leaders living the organisation’s vision and consistently upholding its fundamental values: trusting

Focusing on a leader’s role behaviour and the degree that they are equally putting time and energy Up and Out, Horizontally and Down benefits both individuals and the organisation as:

  • A far greater proportion of new learning will actually be put into practice in the workplace in a sustained way, due to the ‘role based’ nature of leadership development programs and the emphasis on practical implementation.
  • Content that is relevant to the organisation’s/participant’s environment will be included due to in-depth needs analysis conducted in a 360° sense.

Getting the balance right in a 360° leadership sense leads to the following outcomes for leaders:

  • further development as high performance individuals
  • achieving better results with those over whom they have no direct control, e.g. senior people within and outside the organisation
  • achieving superior results with peers within and outside organisation
  • achieving superior results with direct and indirect reports, in the context of leading and managing them forwards
  • maximising energy and motivation for self and others
  • maximising the confidence of others, for them to feel they can act to excel in their roles, through your team members behaving in a reliable and values-based manner.

Gwyder – Executive Coaching

At Gwyder, we help companies and leaders to better develop themselves and their leadership team with core competencies that have been proven to produce better leaders, and we would love to contribute to your company, organisation, or personal leadership journey, in ways that serves you.

This often starts with people downloading our free whitepaper on The Secretes of Effective Leadership. In  this report we  step readers through a series of very simple exercise designed to open up quality avenues of communication that will enable them to identify ways that they can better empower themselves working with people both above and below them. You can download our free reports here. There is one for senior executives and entrepreneurs looking to empower and improve the performance of their direct reports, and another for emerging leaders looking for practical ways to get noticed as a potential leader.

Kerry Little

Director and Executive Coach at Gwyder – Executive Coaching

Kerry’s mission is to help successful leaders achieve positive change in behaviour: for themselves, their people and their teams, and his deep business understanding allows him to step into a variety of situations and support executives to achieve measurable progress in their leadership behaviour.