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A boardroom culture with independent directors is the proven, respected and sustainable solution to delivering on the expectations of private business and Kerry Little is ideally placed to provide Non-Executive Director services to businesses looking to enhance their professionalism, position themselves for growth, and to ensure their business doesn’t fall foul of the law by failing to meet its compliance or corporate governance obligations.

With his considerable business experience, Kerry can bring new perspectives, experiences, skills and insights to your business. He can also help you set up and run a boardroom culture that will provide:

  • Stability and a framework to position your business for growth
  • Strategic direction, innovation and business experience
  • An independent perspective on opportunity, risk and internal performance
  • A credible succession plan that demonstrates maturity and success to financiers and joint venture partners
  • Ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Ensure accountability throughout the enterprise, especially at owner or director level

A key rationale to place an independent Non-Executive Director within your business is because they are accountability (by law) for the decisions they facilitate.

This is an important differentiator from other business advisers like accountants, consultants and solicitors, who may provide “all due care” in the advice they give you, but don’t have legally responsible for the decisions they help you facilitate.

A Non-Executive Director on the other hand IS legally liable for the decisions they help facilitate, and this can provide great comfort to business owners, who often find it extremely difficult to get fiercely independent advice, because the employees and consultants that work for them are beholden to them.

As a Non-Executive Director Kerry will have ‘real skin in your game’ by virtue of his legal status, and this is precisely the kind of interest that many private companies need to break through to the next level in their business.

Contact Kerry to confidentially discuss your Non-Executive Director needs.

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