Anonymous Survey Service

To help you get the most out of our report “The Secrets of Effective Leadership,” we offer our readers an anonymous survey service, to help you easily complete the survey exercises in report 2. The cost of the survey service is only $97, and please note, this is NOT a per head fee, it includes surveying all of the staff or team members you assessed in the first exercise in our report sequence.

Please note, completing the anonymous survey will be extremely valuable to you as a leader, because it will allow you to verify if your assessment of your staff/team’s morale matches your own. We will set up the survey and deliver it for you and the results will be accessible online via your own username and password.

Benefits of Doing The Anonymous Survey
The anonymous survey will:

  • Reveal the true and uncensored thoughts of your employees about the culture in your team
  • Reveal if your views on employee morale (which you documented in the 1st exercise in our reports series) are shared by your direct reports, or if they are different to the views of the people you are managing or leading.
  • Provide you with a list of practical ideas about changes you might make as a leader, to improve the performance and effectiveness of your team.

This is all extremely valuable information for a business owner or team leader to know.

The anonymous survey will also yield valuable data for you to consider when performing a “congruence analysis” using “The Seven Critical Elements of Productivity and Change.” which is the tool we will guide you through in the third and final section of this report, in a few days time.

Here’s what to do if you want to get the most out of our reports by taking up our anonymous survey offer.

Just fill in your details in the order form below and we will contact you to gather the email addresses of the people you’d like us to anonymously survey.



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Unconditional Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Please note, we offer a free person to person (online via Skype or face to face) breakfast debrief to anyone who completes the exercises in “The Secrets of Effective Leadership”, which includes a 2 x money back unconditional guarantee for anyone who uses this anonymous survey service. If you’d prefer, you can always set up a survey yourself, but in any case, here’s how the guarantee works.

If after completing the exercises and your free breakfast debriefing with our Principal Executive Coach, Kerry Little, you don’t feel you have uncovered extremely useful information that you can immediately use to become a better, more effective leader, then we will refund 2x the cost of your anonymous survey, (i.e. 2 x 97 = $194) and apologise for wasting your time!

Seriously, the step by step coaching exercises in this report sequence is so reliable in uncovering useful information,  it’s virtually impossible to go through it without getting a wealth of practical, easy to act upon insights to make you a better, more effective leader.