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Are You Looking For an Executive Coach in Melbourne?

Are you an executive or entrepreneur leading a team, or an emerging leader who is looking for an executive coach to help you get even better results in your career or business? If you are then you’re probably already smart enough to realise that what’s made you successful till now,  probably isn’t going to get you the success you’re really after.

Here’s why.

Before you’re a leader, high achievement is all about developing YOU. It’s about focusing on ways to improve your performance in achieving the specific outcomes and targets directly related to your job. But after you become a leader the goal posts change… Success is no longer about you; it’s about developing others, specifically everyone working under you. And generally speaking, that requires different skills and competencies to the ones that make most people successful in their individual (pre-leadership) role.

This is a critical distinction for entrepreneurs and senior executives in leadership roles, because it’s great leaders, developing the capacity and leadership skills in others, that drives the success of great organisations. So in a very real sense, the more senior you are in a management structure, the more your success depends on you being able to first of all, lead effectively yourself, and secondly, identify, train and retain your best performing staff, and turn them into great leaders. That’s why leadership training is so vital to the success of new and emerging leaders, to equip them with the skills of leadership – skills that can be learned.

That’s Where Gwyder Can Help.

Here’s How Our Executive Coaching Works

Before we do any coaching, we use some of the world’s best psychometric tools to inquire deeply into the natural leadership aptitudes of people, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each developing leader. Any gaps or blind spots are identified and their strengths recognised, so gaps can be filled and strengths mindfully used to best advantage. This helps developing leaders get clear on specific areas that need improvement, as well as alerting them to their natural leadership aptitudes. This creates aware leaders who are clear on where they need to improve, as well as the strengths they can rely on, so these can be mindfully used to best advantage in the way they approach their job. The next step in our coaching process is unique. Based on a lifetime of research and learning about successful leadership, it’s  so powerful, it’s been used by over 100 Fortune 500 companies.

The Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership Development Framework is the arguably the most effective behavioural coaching methodology available today. Developed by Marshal Goldsmith, a man consistently  acknowledged as one of the most influential business and leadership thinkers of our time (recognized as the # 1 leadership thinker in the world and the # 7 business thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers 50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review in 2012), his leadership coaching framework places huge emphasis on developing the skills to motivate, inspire and energise others, and applies some of the most powerful management concepts available today, to your leadership style and organisation. In fact, this stakeholder centered leadership methodology is so transformational; it often triggers productivity improvements in entire departments, simply by working with their leader. And best of all…

90% of learning is 'on the job', which means important people remain productive, while they learn how to be even more productive.

Our Definition of Effective Leadership

At Gwyder, we define effective leaders as people able to work with and through others to help them achieve their role outcomes, and through that process, the specific objectives of their organisation, and we exist to support leaders developing themselves and their leadership team. If you have read this far, we would love the opportunity to contribute to your personal leadership journey and the achievement of your career or business goals, in whatever manner that serves you best. For many people that starts with downloading our free reports on The Secrets of Leadership Development. We have two reports. One is designed for senior executives, team leaders or business owners, looking to improve the results they are getting from the teams, departments or businesses they manage. The other is specifically designed for aspiring or developing executives, and it teaches a reliable way to gain the attention of senior leaders in an organisation, for the purpose of having your leadership potential recognised. Both reports are practical and lead the reader on a coaching and training journey designed to produce results in their lives and on the job. You can download our reports below, or simply contact us to discuss your challenges and explore how our executive coaching programs may be of assistance.



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Why Choose an Executive Coach from Gwyder?

Experience in Business

Our coaches are from successful business backgrounds and have experience delivering results at senior levels.


Relevant Qualifications

Our coaches have post graduate qualifications in disciplines relevant to coaching and organisational dynamics.


Success Facilitating Behavioural Change

Our coaches have the qualifications and experience required to facilitate behavioural change in individuals and organisations

Our Executive Leadership Training Programs include:

Executive One-to-One coaching

Executive One-to-One coaching for leaders seeking to improve personal effectiveness and the performance of their organisation

Executive Leadership Development

A program in a ‘Multi-Org’ format, combines group and one-on-one coaching, and is focused on behavioural change to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Team Performance Coaching

Coaching intact teams and groups to improve their collective capacity to achieve common goals

Career Transition Services

A personally tailored career transition and development service. We focus our coaching solely towards what each executive requires – whether moving to another role within the organisation or externally

Coaching For Superior Results

Facilitating the development of a supportive  leadership environment, in which leaders can skillfully coach each other to more effectively achieve organisational goals, changes and growth.